Dating a 70s strat

15-Apr-2018 20:31

Leo Fender never intended for his guitars to become collectors items.

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The parts of Fenders were made separately, meaning someone makes bodies, someone else makes necks, and they all just get piled up as stock.Hi, I have some pickups that came from my brother's early 70s Strat.The number on the bottom of the pups read 8162, can this be taken to mean 1972?Don't be upset if it turns out there is no better way to date your axe. The color of the numbers on the end of the neck were red.

Back when it was made, no one cared to document these things too well because "vintage collecting" hadn't caught on. You are lucky in a way though, cause Fender started using the serial number system that they used up to recent times in about 1975. 09 03 3925The neck pocket had the same round stamps as the end back of the neck so looks like the body and neck were put together at the same time.

Anybody check my numbers to see if I am over the edge? You have to be careful with those neck codes because Fender was inconsistent with them. more likely from the 39th week of 1975 ... An added wire was installed to get the tone for the middle pickup working for the bridge as well. The pickup wires are resoldered due to nonstock lace pickup being installed.