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IAF pilots participated in air operations in Europe as part of the RAF.

During the war, the IAF experienced a phase of steady expansion.

The IAF's mission expands beyond engagement with hostile forces, with the IAF participating in United Nations peacekeeping missions.

However the Portuguese pilots managed to take off the aircraft from the still damaged airfield and made their getaway to Portugal.

Thereafter the IAF was referred to as the Royal Indian Air Force.

In 1950, when India became a republic, the prefix was dropped and it reverted to being the Indian Air Force.

Since 1950 the IAF has been involved in four wars with neighboring Pakistan and one with the People's Republic of China.

Other major operations undertaken by the IAF include Operation Vijay, Operation Meghdoot, Operation Cactus and Operation Poomalai.By uniting the civilian run space exploration organizations and the military faculty under a single Integrated Space Cell the military is able to efficiently benefit from innovation in the civilian sector of space exploration, and the civilian departments benefit as well.The Indian Air Force, with highly trained crews, pilots, and access to modern military assets provides India with the capacity to provide rapid response evacuation, search-and-rescue (SAR) operations, and delivery of relief supplies to affected areas via cargo aircraft.With Pakistani forces moving into the state, its Maharaja decided to accede to India in order to receive military help.